The Theatre

Teater Hund & Co. is a Copenhagen-based theater for children and adults founded in 2003 by artists from the Danish theater and performance scene. The theater’s productions achieves great acclaim and respect from audiences, colleagues and the press.

The theater performs both at our local venue in Copenhagen and on tour – both nationally and internationally.

A production from Teater Hund & Co. will almost certainly:

  • be carried with humor and joy – and always have a deeper serious theme
  • be characterized by high professionalism at all levels
  • deal with problems in everyday life that can be recognized by both children and adults, and point to a way out of these problems
  • be a result of collaboration and experimentation with other art forms
  • reach a broad audience
  • inspire hope, action, and a sense of new possibilities.

One of our defining characteristics is that we take humor very serious. We believe in humor as a transforming power; an important social competence. It’s our goal that children and adults have a humorous experience together since we believe in the existence of a universal human humor that is understood by children and adults. Furthermore, we believe that sharing a meaningful theatrical experience can help break down age barriers and set the stage for fruitful dialogues about important subjects.

With shows that are artful, inventive, and entertaining, we wish to inspire children and adults to look at difficult situations with humor and thereby gain self-insight, strength, and the means to handle them.

Our work builds on experiment and improvisation, as well as the experiences and opinions of the director, choreographer, and the actors themselves. We take up psycho-sociological subjects that we ourselves would like to have better understood when we were children.

Funded by:
– The Danish Arts Council
– The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation
– The Culture Foundation for the City of Copenhagen
– The Tuborg Foundation
– The Bikuben Foundation

Teater Hund & Co. is a member of The Danish Association of Theaters and ASSITEJ Denmark