Once Upon a Thought

–a humorous play on the power of the mind

Season 2022/2023

Why are some people more emotionally affected by negative experiences than others?

Why do some meet life’s challenges with optimism while others are bogged down by them?


A humorous, colourful, and thought-provoking piece about an important subject: Our thoughts colour our lives. They can think us up, and they can think us down. We have learnt a way of thinking. Maybe we can learn others?

We follow three people’s different approaches to life in a show that mixes words, physique, visual scenes, choreographic elements, lots of humour, and new input for the brain. About what goes on inside our heads, and what consequences it can have. Inspired by the book, Learned Optimism, by the former president of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman.

The project utilizes both a director and a choreographer which results in a physical acting style. It is especially through the physical/visual that we achieve the moments where children and adults laugh at, experience, and understand human behavioural patterns TOGETHER at a deep level. Moments that provide seeds for later dialogue in the family and in the classroom.

With “Once Upon a Thought” we create a show that is an artistic experience in itself, but that also makes a difference by reaching further with concrete food for thought and talk.

Cast & Crew


CAST Birgitte Prins, Flemming Bang og Therese Glahn
DIRECTOR Methe Bendix
COSTUMES (original) Thomas Winkler
COSTUMES (new) Ane Katrine Schyth Kjær
SCENOGRAPHY Jacob Langaa-Sennek
CONSTRUCTIONS Morten Just Hansen
PRODUCTION MANAGER Anna-Kathrine Madelung Fries
PHOTO (PR) Kontraframe, Thorbjørn Hansen
PHOTO Rie Neuchs
PR & COMMUNICATION Laila Skjerning & Rikke Petersen
PRODUCER Kenneth Gall


“There is something to laugh at and wonder about at Teater Hund. Once Upon a Thought is a fun and poignantly simple representation of the hopeless drama that we experience each and every day. It is a great achievement that Teater Hund can wonder with such clear expression over the unwieldy, abstract subject. A clear Facilitator.” Politiken

Self-confidence building theater story told with linguistic and scenic ingenuity. Director Methe Bendix has a delightfully creative imagination. Once Upon a Thought is a wonderfully Monty Python-esque show with a true and confidence-building moral. Jyllandsposten

Think tank for young minds. What a wonderful idea to let the brain’s thoughts unfold in physical form and concretize abstract problems that we humans muddle around in every day. Urban

Once Upon a Thought is something to experience. This is due to a smashing visual design with lots of quirky fun details, three energetic and clever actors, a good choreographic expression, and a number of humorous high points. Folkeskolen

A wonderfully well-developed and cleverly conceived dramatization of a difficult subject. A zappy, colorful, cartoon style makes the show mighty fun to watch and comprehensible for its target age group. Wonderfully imaginative brainwork. Børneteateravisen