Freewheeling Frida

Ages 2-5 or 1-3 (and their adults)

Season 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

What is that giant thingy? Sneak, sneak. Tippy-toe. Whoops?!? It’s making a noise! What can it do?

Frida loves to sneak up on things and make them move and change. And not least, she loves to play! Frida goes exploring into a visual and musical landscape of moving shapes and engaging sounds where she creates an imaginary world that might not all be an illusion…

Activate your senses, turn up your listening glasses and experience Anne Dalsgaard as Frida who lets her body out into a playful, sweeping and humorous swing with life. A nonverbal adventure where the invisible becomes visible, and the visible magical.

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality


The performance premiered on February 18th 2015 and tours both nationally and internationally.

Teater Hund
Rentemestervej 76
DK 2400 Copenhagen NV
+45 26161410

Basic technical specifications for the show:

Height: 3 meters
Width: 5 meters
Depth: 6 meters
Electricity: 230 v

2-5 / 1-3 year olds and their parents
The performance is nonverbal

Cast and crew

Idea and concept: Methe Bendix and Anne Dalsgaard
Actress: Anne Dalsgaard
Director: Methe Bendix
Set design: Julie Forchhammer
Light design: Mikkel Jensen
Sound design: Yann Coppier
Technician: Jonas Møller Andersen
Workshop: Mads Hilden
Layout: Helle Riis


Freewheeling Frida is a well-made, whimsical performance (...). Frida is the only character in the play's nonverbal universe, and in general a comical character. Equipped with high hair, tweed jacket, practically packed backpack and earthy brown Jacoform shoes, she is neither office girl, school girl nor girl scout, but a glorious mix of all three who explores the universe of sounds and geometric possibilities with great enthusiasm and empathy (...).

The production works excellently - especially because Anne Dalsgaard has a unique sweetness, uses fun physical gestures and has a charming and pleasantly restrained way of communicating that leaves plenty of room for the little ones’ personal insights and experiences (...).

A thoroughly fun and sensuous experience for the youngest, and my own two-year-old acknowledged Frida with enthusiastic cheering.

It is a rare gift for adults to be able to rediscover the world through the eyes of a child, but that is precisely what we are treated to in "Freewheeling Frida".
Nothing is what it seems to be. Each of the things on stage turn out to have their own secret, and if you listen carefully and open your mind, you will be let into their universe and get a glimpse of their history. Prepare to be surprised, astonished and pulled in.
My little three-year-old companion - along with all the other children – was engaged all the way when Frida went exploring. And so were the adults!

Anne Dalsgaard must be born with an indestructible comic gene. She can do things with her eyes, her legs, her arms, her voice – yes, with her entire body, which makes the audience happy – both young and old. And she hardly needs to move before this clown gene breaks loose.

(...) Frida enters with lovely red hair wearing a funny outfit with breeches and a backpack. She is out for adventure.
The children are engaged immediately with comments, cheers and eyes on stalks.