Season 2022/2023

(Fri means free in Danish)

Fri is a child who lives in a city with red houses, blue cars and grey sky. “That was a strange name”, Fri’s teacher says on the first day of school. “Fri as in Frida? Or Fridolin? Or Frigga or Fridolf?” “I’M ACTUALLY JUST FRI” Fri screams and the teacher put Fri to the corner to calm down.

But Fri isn’t like the other children. Fri both cries if something is beautiful and if something is sad. And Fri laughs out loud and shouts and screams and throws the badminton racket across the floor in the gym.

Fri’s parents don’t know what to do with Fri’s emotional outbursts. They have tried
everything possible – but even when Fri counts to ten and breathes, there’s no peace. It’s as if there is constantly a music playing inside and the music makes it impossible to concentrate and impossible to do as told.

ACTUALLY JUST FRI is a musical tribute to life and emotions – both in major and minor. The show has room for all those people with a lot of emotions and those who find it difficult to feel anything at all.